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This area is all about helping you lead the Sheconomic life. So, whether you’re looking for hints and tips, results from our surveys, or budget charts, watch this space for all kinds of free material for you to download.

Download our highlights of the emergency Budget 2010


 tip sheets

Tip Sheet 1: 5 money actions to take now

Tip Sheet 2: How to ask for money

Tip Sheet 3: Top money mistakes to avoid

Tip Sheet 4: How to have a positive money mindset

Tip Sheet 5: How to talk to your partner about money

Tip Sheet 6: How to own up to a money problem

Tip Sheet 7: Stop me before I buy one

Tip Sheet 8: The 7 laws of Sheconomics

Tip Sheet 9: How to curb the urge to splurge

Tip Sheet 10: 5 Sheconomical goals

 getting started

Belief Busting Log

My Sheconomic Strategy

 worksheets and plans

What's Your Net Worth?

Your Sheconomics Monthly Income and Spending Worksheet

Your Sheconomics Monthly Spending Plan

Your Sheconomics Occasional Spending Plan

Your Sheconomics Debt Payment Plan

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