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Karen Pine and Simonne Gnessen

Biography - Karen Pine

Professor Karen Pine is a renowned researcher in Developmental Psychology as well as being a popular women’s writer. Currently she is Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. Professor Pine’s research has been published extensively in international academic journals and presented at conferences worldwide.

Women’s issues have always been at the heart of Karen’s interests and her wide-ranging research includes non-verbal communication, money management and body image. She has featured regularly in the media, on television programmes such as Channel 4 News and Richard and Judy and in news media from the Independent in the UK to the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.

With Professor Ben (C) Fletcher she developed the Do Something Different method for behavioural change. Their book, The No Diet Diet, has been hugely successful as a scientifically grounded approach to weight loss. She is now applying this approach to other areas where women lose control of their lives –such as their dealings with money.

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Karen Pine
Simonne Gnessen

Biography - Simonne Gnessen

Wise Monkey Financial CoachingSimonne Gnessen is founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching, one of a handful of firms in the UK offering an alternative to traditional financial advice. She provides guidance and support on any money issue, integrating the technical and practical aspects of money management and financial planning with the emotional side of money.

Simonne Gnessen has been advising and coaching clients on their finances for over 20 years. She was a fee-based independent financial adviser (IFA) for 10 years before setting up her own innovative service in 2002 – Wise Monkey Financial Coaching.

Her work has been featured in the national press, on BBC radio and television programmes and in a variety of women’s magazines.

Simonne helps women challenge some of their barriers to financial success, while equipping them with the skills they need to take better control and responsibility for their financial future. Unlike IFAs, Simonne doesn’t sell any financial products.

She has a BSc in Statistics and is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. As well as her financial services qualifications, Simonne is also a certified life coach, a Master Practitioner in NLP and holds a certificate in adult teaching.

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