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BBC 'Your Money' 16 Feb 13: Bankruptcy: Why some people spend more than they earn

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Daily Mail 24 May 10: Are you a saver or spender? Depends on which side of your brain you think

New York Times 14 May 10: A Toolkit for Women Seeking a Raise

Daily Express 3 May 10: Finance days are numbered for joint accounts

Daily Express 22 Mar 10: Tips for a better financial life

Cosmopolitan Mar 10: What your shopping style reveals about you

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Mail on Sunday 10 Jan 10: Do you have the money gene? How to become a high earner

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The Times 10 Dec 09: Should couples have joint bank accounts?

Sunday Times 31 May 09: Women less happy after 40 years of feminism

ScienceDaily 23 May 09: Money worries make women spend more

The Economics Times 21 May 09: Women splurge in recession to cheer themselves up

Engineering News (South Africa) 8 May 09: Unlocking the psychology behind women in debt

Sunday Times, Style Magazine 19 Apr 09: Why it's good to indulge the urge to splurge

The Observer 12 Apr 09: Women cannot afford to be clueless about cash any more

The Daiy Mail 30 Mar 09: How a woman's 'time of the month' can cause her to go shopping

Sunday Telegraph 29 Mar 09: Women spend more when shopping depending on time of the month

Prima Apr 09: Recession-proof your relationship

The Financial Express (India) 8 Mar 09: Women have a more emotional relationship with money

She Mar 09: Why Rachel Johnson plans to lay her hands on a copy of Sheconomics

Red March 2009: How a financial ostrich got her head out of the sand

The Source (Brighton) Mar 09: In conversation with Sheconomics

The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 2 Mar 09: Personal finance for shopaholics

Daily Express 16 Feb 09: Could a money makeover really change my life?

SundayStar Times (New Zealand) 8 Feb 09: Financial adultery

The Argus (Brighton) 7 Feb 2008: Review of Sheconomics - Brighton Argus

Red March 2009: How a financial ostrich got her head out of the sand

Daily Mail 26 Jan 09: Sheconomics: Our fail-safe plan is the smart girl's guide to staying out of debt

Yorkshire Evening Post 23 Jan 09: Get the most out of your weekend - read it

North West Evening Mail 21 Jan 09: Shopaholics

The Guardian 18 Jan 09: The real victims of this credit crunch? Women

The Herald (Plymouth) 13 Jan 09: Brought to account over finances

The Times 12 Jan 09: Being in the black is the new black

Evening Standard 9 Dec 08: Standard’s Buzzword

Psychologies Oct 08: How to take control of your finances


BBC 'Your Money' 16 Feb 13: Bankruptcy: Why some people spend more than they earn

Newstalk FM 17 Aug 12: Interview with Karen about the psychology behind women and money

BBC Radio Jersey 14 Aug 12: Interview with Simonne about women and money

Money Made Clear Podcast 01 Dec 10: Interview with Karen about Christmas savings tips

Jane C Wood, 11 Nov 10: Interview with inspirational woman, Karen Pine

The One Show (BBC1) 10 Nov 10: Interview with Simonne (14 mins into the show)

Woman's hour (Radio 4) 19 Mar 10: Should women have a secret stash of running away money?

BBC Working Lunch 12 Feb 10: Interview with Karen about joint bank accounts

Moneytalk podcast from 27 Jan 10: Why women make better investors than men

Women On their Way (WOW) event 27 Nov 09: Key messages from Karen after her Keynote talk

Dave Fanning, RTE Money 27 Jan 09: Interview with Karen & Simonne

Becky Want, BBC Radio Manchester 27 Jan 09: Interview with Karen & Simonne

Charlie Crocker, BBC Radio Solent 27 Jan 09: Interview with Karen & Simonne

Fred McAuley, BBC Radio Scotland 27 Jan 09: Interview with Karen & Simonne


Book Reviews For Mums 12 July 11: Review of 'Sheconomics'

First Direct Blog 25 May 10: Save for a BRAINY day

The Motley Fool 20 Apr 10: Why are there so few female fund managers?

Investment Article Jan 10: Why women make great investors

Women & Money Jan 10: Women want to get a grip of money, while men want to get ahead Jan 10: Get more money and become financially savvy, the Sheconomics way

All4Women (South Africa) 19 Mar 09: Sheconomics: power to your purse

Imperfectly Natural Jan 09: What does being healthy mean to you? 12 Jan 09: Women urged to improve financial knowledge

Sky Money 29 Oct 08: Why women need to get a grip on debt


Karen presented a talk - The Rise of the Sheconomist: Why women are a wise investment - at the Autumn Seminar of the Financial Services Research Forum at Westminster, London on 16 November 2010.

Karen gave a talk - Sheconomics: The Psychology of Women and Money - on 30 June 2010 at the Trustees' Council of Penn Women Event, RAC Club, Pall Mall, London.

Karen was also invited to talk at the Financial Services Research Forum Summer seminar - 'How to Create and Maintain a Culture of Responsible Lending and Borrowing' - in London on 6 July 2010. Her talk was called Sheconomics in Practice: Women and Borrowing Behaviour. Click here to download her slides.

COMPETITION WINNERS... Look out for further competitions soon

Those who took part in our 2010 'Doing Money Differently' survey were entered into a draw to win signed copies of Sheconomics (by Karen Pine and Simonne Gnessen) and The Do Something Different Journal: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life (by Professors Ben Fletcher and Karen Pine).

Congratulations to our five lucky winners, who were:
Nicolette from Sheffield, Nina from Chichester, Alison from Edinburgh, Janet from Ipswich and Debbie from Halifax

The survey revealed women’s top 5 money resolutions for 2010 to be:
1. Take charge of my finances more (66%)
2. Get better value for money (63%)
3. Plan my financial future (62%)
4. Be more responsible with money (59%)
5. Plan how to make more money (56%)

Click here to find out what men's resolutions were, and read more about the findings.


Karen was thrilled to be a Keynote speaker at a wonderful event in Birmingham on November 27th 2009 held by Women on their Way (WOW).

It was a breakthrough day devoted to the subject of Women and Money. Karen's subject was our money mindset and money madness.


Simonne and Karen delivered a Sheconomics workshop at the Psychology For All Conference in London on 14th March 2009. Click here to view a copy of the slides.

We're planning on running a Sheconomics workshop in London in 2010. Further details to be announced shortly. Please email us if you are interested in attending.


When asked if they’ve worried about money in the last 7 days, two thirds of women say they have. That’s just one of the findings from our research into women’s relationship with money.

Our survey has also shown that:

  • 70% of women said they shop to cheer themselves up
  • More than half said they hit the shops when they feel low
  • One in five women say they’d recently bought something that they will never wear or use
  • A quarter of the women in our survey had spent £100 or more than they needed to in the last seven days
  • And more than one in four have felt guilty or ashamed after a shopping trip

The women taking part were mostly professionals aged 18 to 50, CLICK HERE to read about some of the things they told us.

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