Add power to your purse with the ultimate money makeover: Sheconomics
about the book

Simonne and Karen on why we’ve written this book...

  • Because women can be just as good, if not better, with money than men
  • Because women worry more about money and don’t always know where to go for help
  • Because most finance books are dry and masculine and don’t deal with women’s emotional struggles with money
  • Because women aren’t as financially well-prepared for the future as men
  • And because, despite moves towards equality, women are still second-class citizens when it comes to money

 Do you need to get back in control of your cash?
Do you want to understand your money emotions?
Are you happy to talk about sex, make-up and shoes, but shy about your financial feelings?

With more and more women stepping up to take charge of their financial destiny, Sheconomics will help you master your money and understand the complex feelings that can stand in your way.

Whether you want tips on taking emotional control of your finances, choosing monetary goals and planning how to achieve them, paying off loans, sorting out pensions, investing, spending or simply living within your means, this is the book for you.

Karen and Simonne have devised seven simple yet effective laws of 'sheconomics' to help you change your attitude to personal finance, get your money madness under control and secure a financial future that doesn’t depend on Prince Charming or a lottery ticket.

Sheconomics by Karen Pine and Simonne Gnessen With real life stories, case-studies and experiences gathered from years of working in the world of money Sheconomics is a no-nonsense-easy-to-follow financial guide, written for women by women. Buy Online Click here

And this book is written for you if:

  • Every time you feel happy/sad/anything, you celebrate by shopping
  • You’re struggling to understand why there’s always so much month left at the end of the money
  • You’re in debt up to your eye-balls and have just got to do something about it
  • You tremble with fear/guilt/excitement at the mere mention of money and have decided it’s time to get a grip
  • You’re incredibly sorted in all areas of your life but somehow, along the way – you forgot to get a pension/make investments/provide for your financial future

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