Add power to your purse with the ultimate money makeover: Sheconomics
how Sheconomic are you?


Money is something we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Yet how we react to it varies according to our experiences and personality.

Check out here what your personal style with money says about you:

Are your money weaknesses heading you towards disaster or dreamland?

Are you Sheconomically sharp – or shambolic?

Answer the 12 questions below to see how Sheconomic you are!

Each item in this quiz is a group of statements.
• Please select the statement from each group that seems to best describe you at the present time.
• Place 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the box to match the statement.
• Use the TAB key to move to the next box to fill in
• Please make sure that you complete ALL the items.

Question 1.
If asked how much money you’ve got on you now…

1. I’d know to the nearest few pennies
2. I’d have a rough idea, probably to the nearest pound.
3. I’d have a pretty vague idea – give or take ten pounds
4. I’ve got no idea


Question 2.
How many items of clothing in your wardrobe still have the shop’s label on them:

1. None, I wear everything I buy
2. One or two things
3. Three or more items
4. Too many to count


Question 3.
Your financial future (pensions, savings etc) is…

1. Secure, I’ve made provisions and plans
2. OK, everything seems pretty well set up for the future
3. Something I need to sort out
4. Insecure, I can’t see beyond the end of the month


Question 4.
You last bought something simply to impress someone…

1. Never, or at least a very long time ago
2. Probably within the last year
3. Within the last few weeks
4. Recently, it’s something I do a lot


Question 5.
Have you ever bought something and, on getting it home, found you already have one (or more) the same?

1. Never
2. Maybe once or twice
3. Yes, several times
4. Lots of times, I’m always doing that.


Question 6.
Have you ever lied to someone close to you about money?

1. Never, I believe honesty is the best policy
2. Very occasionally
3. Yes, quite a few times
4. All the time


Question 7.

When a bank or credit card statement comes in you…

1. Open it and check it immediately
2. Open it but put it aside for some other time
3. Avoid opening it until you’re ready
4. Never open it


Question 8.
How much do you know about your mobile phone tariff…

1. I know what I’m paying and that I’m getting good value
2. I have an idea of what the tariff is and think it’s OK
3. I’m not sure what I’m paying
4. I haven’t got a clue what I’m paying


Question 9.
You and your partner/closest mate talk about money…

1. Regularly, we make a point of discussing it frequently
2. When something comes up and needs discussing, we talk
3. Not very often
4. It’s something that’s not discussed


Question 10.
At the end of each month:

1. I’m pleased with how I’ve managed my budget
2. I hope that I’ve managed to keep in the black
3. I wonder where all the money went
4. I’ve probably gone overdrawn and into debt


Question 11.
You last did a price/rate comparison of your mortgage or rent…

1. In the last 6 months
2. When I took on the mortgage/rental
3. Longer ago than I care to remember
4. I’ve never done one


Question 12.
A typical shopping trip for you is...

1. Buying what I went out for and maybe finding a bargain too
2. Having a fun time and finding some exciting purchases
3. Usually buying more than I meant to and feeling guilty later
4. Often a splash-out and maxing on the credit card





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