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are you and your partner financially in tune?


When it comes to money, are you and your partner both humming along in perfect harmony? Or are you singing from very different song-sheets? Try this quiz to assess how in tune you are as a couple.

First, jot down your own answers to the following 10 questions.

Then ask your partner the same questions and record their answers.

How many do you match on?

1. When it comes to savings my partner:

a) Doesn’t know the meaning of the word
b) Discusses with me the best strategy
c) Probably has a secret stash somewhere

2. With regards to my partner’s earnings:

a) I am kept in the dark
b) What’s theirs is mine and vice versa
c) S/he lets me know what I need to know

3. Finances in our household are managed:

a) By the one of us who knows how to do it
b) By both of us on a fairly equal basis
c) In a haphazard way, they get sorted out somehow.

4. Our goals for the future are:

a) Whatever one of us wants them to be
b) Mutually agreed upon and worked towards
c) Subsumed by the struggle to get through the day

5. My partner’s money style is:

a) Controlling
b) Sharing
c) Chaotic

6.I would trust my partner with all my wordly goods

a) Only if I had to
b) Completely
c) Only if I never wanted to see them again

7. The last time you and your partner discussed money…

a) It was a very one-sided conversation
b) We worked out our finances and our future
c) It ended in a huge row

8. If you and your partner suddenly landed a huge windfall you would:

a) Pay off all our debts and invest it wisely
b) Spend some, save some
c) Probably get a divorce

9. You spot an irresistible object of desire whilst out shopping with your partner, who:

a) Talks you out of buying it
b) Negotiates a deal on it for you
c) Storms off and sulks that they want something too

10. When it comes to your children your partner:

a) Believes they should work for every penny they get
b) Sets standards and is a good role model
c) Spoils them rotten

How did you do?

If you and your partner matched on fewer than 8 of your answers, then you have some work to do on the distribution of wealth, or power, in your money relationship.

Look at each partner’s answers to get a clue to their money style:

Mostly A’s
One of you is holding too much power in your money relationship. Let go of the controlling tendency, if it’s you. Talk more, find out about your partner’s desires and goals and respect them.

Mostly B’s
You’ve got a good money-head on you and if you and your partner matched on 8 or more scores, you’re getting along well financially. Keep talking!

Mostly C’s
If one of you chose mostly C answers then money is a big thorn in your marital side and there could be trouble ahead. Sharing more and caring more would be a good place for you to start.

We've also got some tips, if you need them, to help you talk to your partner about money.


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